INFORMATION for golf courses


Actually, the MONOBUGGY electric golf scooter only offers benefits to your golf course and normally should not be a barrier to use on the golf course. Of course, the golf course itself determines what is and what is not allowed on their site. It is certainly also desirable that MONOBUGGY users adhere to the locally applicable rules and use the MONOBUGGY in consultation with the golf course.


Advantages of the MONOBUGGY for the golf course:

  1. Faster turnaround times

    Players will be better able to stick to lead times on average, as they can move easily between strokes. People who can walk less quickly go faster; also someone with a MONOBUGGY will sometimes drive forward to look for balls, for example

  2. Members can play golf longer

    As your members get older and struggle with 18 holes, the MONOBUGGY will still allow them to easily complete these 18 holes in the company of their golfing friends. As a result, they will keep the fun in golf and can therefore continue to play golf longer.

  3. Flexible players can come to you

    Players who like to play on different courses and who are in possession of a MONOBUGGY can contact you and will want to use your course

  4. Ambassadorship

    When you register at that MONOBUGGY's are welcome to you, we will mention this on our website. As an ambassador of the MONOBUGGY we can make a link to your website to forward interested parties. We will also refer interested parties who want to purchase a MONOBUGGY to golf courses in their area, of which we are aware that the MONOBUGGY is welcome.


MONOBUGGY protects the course


  1. Pressure per tyre is lower than “normal” buggy

    To ensure that the MONOBUGGY does not put extra stress on the course, tests have been carried out at the independent institute NDI a / s in Denmark. The tests show that the tyre pressure of a MONOBUGGY is lower when loaded with persons of equal weight than with a “normal” buggy. The document with the test results can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: "Tyre pressure test report".

  2. Gradual drive prevents slippage

    The drive is designed in such a way that the force is transferred gradually. This ensures that you can start very gradually and not "with slipping tires"

  3. Front and rear disc brakes: do not lock

    The MONOBUGGY is equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear, which ensure that braking is gradual and that braking with locking wheels is almost impossible

  4. 11-inch wheels (even larger from the latest model) ensure even pressure distribution The MONOBUGGY is fitted with 11-inch tires or larger at the front and rear, which distribute pressure well. The tyres have a low-depth profile.

Recommendations for local rules


As mentioned, the MONOBUGGY will burden your courseless less than a “normal” buggy. In general, we recommend that the same rules apply to a MONOBUGGY as apply to a “normal” buggy.  

Of course it is also advisable to draw the user's attention to the standard wave label. If the user of a MONOBUGGY behaves normally, he will not be a burden to anyone and the job will only benefit.

Furthermore, in the user manual of the MONOBUGGY various matters related to use and label are clearly described. This user manual is in the English language and the text is explained with icons and photos. 

The manual is handed over to each user personally at the time of purchase.


MONOBUGGY golf courses


In the link below you will find a list of golf courses that we know allow the MONOBUGGY on their course, or we have received this information from users of the MONOBUGGY.