MONOBUGGY Direct Drive with 2 hub-motors

The latest version of the MONOBUGGYwill be delivered with an EU conformity certificate for registrstion according to Eu rulings. It is a version with 2 so-called hub motors, motors integrated in the wheels that drive directly on the wheel hub. These motors are virtually silent and no further transmission, such as a chain or a drive belt, is required. Both engines can be switched on separately: the rear motor is in principle always switched on and the motor in the front wheel can be switched on and off via a push button on the left handle.

The 48 Volt Lithium battery is good for approx. 36 holes. For more information about the batteries, see:

The latest version is robustly built and is slightly larger than the previous versions of the MONOBUGGY. Handles on both sides at the front and rear of the golf scooter make it possible to lift the scooter easily. The scooter is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. 

This MONOBUGGY comes standard with a golf bag rack, scorecard holder, 48Volt Lithium battery, battery charger, bottle holder and Dutch user manual. The price of this MONOBUGGY is € 2,795 including VAT. Also with this MONOBUGGY it is possible to take a test ride.

Hub-motor front and rear and carry handles

Detachable and adjustable bag rack

Hydraulic disc brakes

 Digital operation screen and mobile support

                Robust comfortable saddle

                         Anti slip  feet board

For technical specifications of the MONOBUGGY model Direct Drive click on: