MONOBUGGY 1000 watt with 1 HUB motor, limited edition

Due to the demand for a slightly lighter version MONOBUGGY, we offer a model with a drive with one HUB motor. This modified MONOBUGGY model will have a limited availability. The modified MONOBUGGY is suitable for people up to approx. 90 kg. For taller persons, we recommend using the model with 2 HUB motors. It is a sporty version of the MONOBUGGY, which is easy to fold and put in the car. The 48 Volt Lithium battery is good for about 36 holes when it is delivered new. For more information about the batteries, see:

This MONOBUGGY comes standard with a golf bag rack, score card holder, 48 Volt Lithium battery, battery charger, bottle holder and Dutch user manual. The price is  € 1.995,-  including VAT. The MONOBUGGY is (limited) available from stock. If you are interested in this MONOBUGGY, we advise you to make a reservation by email. A test drive is possible. This MONOBUGGY is less suitable for hilly terrain.

Have your MONOBUGGY with chain converted to 1 HUB motor

It is also possible to convert your MONOBUGGY with chain drive to a drive with 1 HUB motor. The conversion of a used MONOBUGGY from chain to 1 HUB motor takes about 1-2 hours (after proper preparation at our in-house) and will cost € 750. There are currently limited conversion kits available and we recommend making a reservation by email if you are interested. The following also applies here: the conversion is less suitable for use on hilly terrain and for use by people over 85 KG.

Model 1200 watt with umbrella

Handlebar with scorecard holder and bottle holder

  • 1 HUB motor drive with carry handles

Disc brakes

Battery in the battery-compartment

Golf bag rack easy to apply


For technical specifications of the model MONBUGGY 1000 watt with HUBmotor drive click on: